Enture Help

Enture Workspace

Workspace is the next in hierarchy after Organization. It logically separates the devices (OT). Each workspace is internally associated with a hub. Each Edge device can have one or many workspaces linked to it. One workspace can only have one Enture Edge device associated with it.

Creating Workspace:

  • In order to create workspace, Choose devices from the menu.
  • Turn on settings view (on the top right corner).
  • Then, you will see a plus button (highlighted in blue).
  • Click on the plus button in order to create a workspace.
  • You will see a tab popping out (as shown below) which shows you 'Create Workspace' by entering (name, hub id and description).
  • And then click 'create' button.
  • You will see your workspace created.

Manage workspace:

  • Managing workspace is that you can make all modifications in the created workspace.
  • Accordingly, click the down arrow button over the workspace you have created.
  • Then click the pencil icon I blue color (on the right corner) which leads you to modifications.
  • Once you click you can see the tab which allows you to change the name of the workspace created and click the ‘submit button’.
  • Hence, your workspace name change will be updated.
  • In case you need to delete the workspace created you can click delete icon (near to the pencil icon).
  • And your workspace will be deleted.