Enture Help

Enture Views

Enture Views are representations of real time data for Users to look at. These views are very customizable and enable the user to logically group real time data into one visualization.

Creating a view:

  • Click the plus button (on the right corner)
  • Enter the name and description regarding the data (of your choice).
  • You can create it in a table form, like you can choose your own parameters and choose column names/row names are to be (of your own choice).
  • Click the submit button.
  • Then, you will see your newly added view in the view list.
  • Additionally, you can set your views as a default dashboard view using the option available as 'set as default dashboard view' (on the left corner)

Edit/Delete view:

  • You can edit the views using the edit option available with a pencil icon (on the right corner) and do any modifications which are required by you.
  • And, you can also delete the views using the delete option available (on the same right corner) and you can erase the details of views which are not required by you.