Enture Views

Enture Views are representations of real time data for Users to look at. These views are very customizable and enable the user to logically group real time data into one visualization.

To create a "View", click on the 'Views' tab from the left navigation menu bar.It will look as given below image:

In the above image you can see top navigation bar which holds the number of "Views" which are already created. By click on respective View you can see that particular view.

Note : For creating a "View" you should enable the setting(pencil icon) mode on top right corner.Then only you can see '+' button which is responsible for migrating view creation panel.

Creating a view:

After enabled the setting mode the default View page will look like below image:

Click the green color plus "+" button (on the right corner).Now you can see the new "Create view" panel like illustated as below:

Now you can fill all the necessary details in the input fields such as,

  • Write "View Name" Manually.
  • Select "View Type" from dropdown like Table View, Widget View, Energy Usage View, Machine Scroll View and Param Scroll View.
  • Mention "Description" from dropdown.

After filling all the details it will looks like given below:

Press "Cancel" button if you want to cancel the process.Or then Click on "Submit" to create view (In here "Energy" view has been created). It will take few moments, once the view created automatically the panel page will close. Incase if it doesn't close, click on "Close" button on top right corner

After the panel closed, Now you can able to see the created View Name (Energy) on default page navigation bar of created view. Which is illustated as below:

In the above (Energy) View, you can able to see five buttons such as,

  • Add To Dashboard
  • Delete Table View
  • Edit View Name
  • Edit Table
  • Delete Table

Each button performs specific task that is described in below list:

Note:The buttons will change depands upon the "View Type".

Add To Dashboard
  • It is used to add "Views" on the Dashboard page.
  • Delete Table View
  • It is used to delete "Table Views" only from the "Views" page.
  • Edit View Name
  • It is used to Edit created views.While clicking on that same like "Create View" panel will open, by using that you can modify the rwquired "View Name".
  • Edit Table & Delete Table
  • Edit Table button is responsible for edit the table parameters. Delete table is rasponsibele for delete table.
  • Refresh
  • After modification in Views the "Refresh" button used to Refresh the particular view.
  • Apart from these buttons you can edit and delete the corresponded "View" bu clicking on that parrticular view. Which is shown below:

    Creating Widget

    To create a widget in view page, You need to enable the settings icon on your top right corner.After that you can able to see the following image of the particular view.After scrolling you can see the '+' icon on the bottom middle of the page like shown below.

    • By clicking on that You can go to the widgets creation page.Which is shown below given image.

    In the above "Add Widget" page you can see Widget panels lists. As your wish you can create required widget by some process which are illustated in below by each widget

    Chooose From Template

    • By Selecting the "Choose from template" You can select the templates from the dropdown and it will give required widget. After Enabling this option it will looks like given below.
    • After selecting the templates from from dropdown you should click on submit. Then you can see the widget crated by the template.
    • For creating a Widget, Click on the required option from the listed widget types on the left of the widget types section. It will looks like given below image.
    Note: here only PieChart widget illustrated for example.

    Fill the details in the form sections such as

    • Mention the lable of the widget,
    • Select the Widget width from dropdown like full, half screens
    • Select the widget height from dropdown
    • Select the time frame from the dropdown
    • mention sequence, Text- view and Legend options as your need
    • Selct add params and fill the Param piechart details like lable workspace machine params

    After filling the details press submit of the form then you can see the added widget in view page. Which is shown below image.

    Note: By following the above given steps you can able to create all the widgets as your need in the wodgget type section.